Victoria Lambert and Jennie Miller wrote their first book Boundaries – How to draw the line in head, heart and home together in a successful collaboration which surprised and delighted them both. Here Victoria, CEO of Miss Dashwood’s Register, explains the life lessons she learned from putting pen to paper…

Don’t be afraid to aim high.

When Jennie Miller and I began to write Boundaries, we didn’t have a commission or even an agent. But we did believe that the subject was too important to ignore, that it had intrinsic value for others as well as ourselves, and that if we did the best job we could, someone would want to publish it.

Practise what you preach.

We encourage readers to set healthy boundaries around modern life – and that’s how we wrote the book too.  That meant picking a writing day (Monday) and sticking to it, breaking to take a walk at lunchtime and to eat soup and salad at the table talking about other things. Being authentic in everything you do matters.

You may never be satisfied – and that’s OK.

Even when the book went off to be published and there was no chance of making further edits, part of me wanted to start at the beginning again and do it better. But instead of torturing myself over re-writes, I decided to put that energy into writing a second book. Watch this space!

You need to be your own cheerleader (and that’s OK too.)

Promoting a book in the 21st century requires almost as much dedication as writing one. Whether it is making yourself available for interviews, signings or talks – or simply reaching out on social media to potential readers and influencers, you can’t sit back and hope to get noticed. Here’s a surprising fact – it’s fun and rewarding.