Recently Victoria was invited to do a webinar with the Talented Ladies Club on the subject of getting media attention. Obviously a topic close to all our hearts!

If you don’t know Talented Ladies Club – do check it this brilliant online resource for mothers who are passionate about their career or business. And say hi to Hannah, its founder – a member of Miss Dashwood’s!

Doing the webinar was fascinating. Another skill to learn from scratch and far less frightening than one might think (Top tip – prepare, prepare, prepare!)

Things I wish I’d known – have more water to hand, do put your contact details on the final slide, and make sure to advertise it at least two weeks in advance.

Luckily, I can share the webinar below so if you didn’t get a chance to watch last week, you can do so at a time to suit you.

My last thought? If you get the chance to do a webinar, don’t be afraid to step up. It was surprisingly good fun.