Too often it seems that Valentine’s Day is just another way to encourage us to spend money at inflated prices.

So why not make this Valentine’s Day about the words not the cost at home and in business.

Leave your loved ones notes telling them how you feel and give them a gift they can keep forever.

A handwritten note placed on the steering wheel or inside the fridge.

A post-it attached to a toothbrush or slipped into a pocket will surely warm their hearts and the only cost to you is – time.

Giving people time is what love is all about. And prioritising time with someone or doing something for someone is a way to express that love.

The same applies to your business. You need to love it, nurture it and give it time which is not always easy, especially in the early days when the business doesn’t generate enough to pay you a salary so you have another job as well.

But you can give it ‘thinking time’ and ‘planning time’ and if you employ anyone you can give them ‘talking time’ and tell them how valued they are. These gifts alone will boost your business this Valentine’s Day and keep your bank balance in tact  – what better way to celebrate the month of love.