Lynn Anderton is a qualified movie therapist, mentor and life coach. Here she reveals why she wishes they taught relationships in school and how nothing beats a night in with a dinosaur.

What inspired you to set up your business?

To gain my own success by taking responsibility for how I behave around others.

What makes your you/your product special and where are you based?

I use people’s favourite movies to give insight into the personality and prescribe movies to help people change their behaviour around others from knowing their attachment style

How do you use social media to help promote your business? 

I use Facebook to connect to people

I have a page called Think type which I put up posts about movies

Twitter I mainly use for PR –

Linkedin for business connections/PR –

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Know who’s your ideal client

What has been your greatest challenge?

Keeping going financially as I’ve made a lifestyle choice to live alone and it’s tough when people would rather buy a pair of shoes than understand how they tick

How do you switch off?

I watch action/thriller movies rather than the usual humanistic ones (Jurassic World or Taken)

Where do you go on holiday?

Usually somewhere in the UK

What lesson do you wish you had learnt at school?

How to not put men on pedestals and treat them as the individual human beings that they are

What app/website/twitter account (other than your own!) would you recommend?

Twitter – I use journo requests for PR

Facebook – Lightbulb – a community of business owners and journalists for connection

Websites:- Lucy Whittington and John Williams have been invaluable

Where do you see yourself/your company in five years’ time?

Safe in the knowledge that I’ve helped others to have the courage to help themselves with a bit of luck and plenty of hard work.