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Whether you want coverage for yourself or for your business, you will discover how the press works and how to propel yourself into the spotlight.

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Don’t worry! We provide extra training and guidance on how to pitch a story to journalists, how to make yourself stand out, what to say in an interview and even what to wear.

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Our alerts are ideal for business owners, self-employed professionals, bloggers, campaigners or individuals wanting to raise their profile and move up the SEO rankings, without the cost or commitment of traditional PR. 

Every day the media needs people with stories and opinions.

Every day businesses, campaigns and individuals want media coverage.

Every day Miss Dashwood brings them together.

Joining our Register will give you access to the many daily requests for stories from journalists across the media including online, broadcast and press, at international, national and local level via email alerts direct to your inbox.

These searches are diverse: recently, journalists have needed to speak to experts in meditation; families who were flooded over winter; inspirational speakers on end-of-life care; women to talk about finance; entrepreneurs with quirky, successful start-ups; younger siblings who were excluded from wills; pensioners who have set up a new business; and young chefs who have moved to London.

How can responding to this type of opportunity help you, your business, or campaign?

Through an editorial mention, you can raise the profile of your business, your interests or yourself. You can directly influence and join the national and global conversation on issues which are relevant to your work or life. You can become a key opinion leader in your area of expertise; and attract new clients to your business while enhancing your reputation among existing ones. You can increase your visibility online by lifting your brand or name in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tools. And you could offer support, comfort or information to others in your personal position.

All members will receive free access to additional online resources, and can opt to book competitively priced media training and consultancy modules throughout the year.

Meet our members

 Clare McIntosh

Clare McIntosh

Campaigner for Chattertots

Appeared in the Daily Mail and Woman magazine 

Clare says: ‘I was keen to promote Chattertots, a local speech therapy group for children in Berkshire, and was happy to be interviewed about my family. I enjoyed the experience, but most importantly our charity gained valuable publicity and raised £1,500. Moreover, the article raised the credibility of our charity.’

Troy Hayes

Troy Hayes

Urban Planner, Managing Director of Troy Planning & Design

Troy says: ‘I’m interested in joining the national conversation on town planning, sustainable development and urban design, as well as taking opportunities to promote the work we do both here and in the US. Troy Planning works closely with several local authorities, local communities and land owners / developers helping them prepare growth plans, neighbourhood plans and the development of sites in both urban and rural areas – I’d like to share the insights we have acquired.’
Annabel Anderson

Annabel Anderson

Entrepreneur and SME owner

Annabel says: ‘Miss Dashwood is a brilliant concept. It will make a big difference to small businesses who don’t have a big PR budget and yet often have the most interesting stories to tell.  It’s so easy to use too, another plus point. Well done Miss Dashwood!’

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miss Dashwood’s Register?
We are a media introduction agency; we create a connection that enables professional people to present themselves directly to journalists in order to promote their business, their cause or themselves.
Who can join?
Anyone who would like to publicise themselves, their work or a cause they feel passionate about, can join for a yearly fee of £79.99, or a monthly payment of £7.99. Corporate rates for groups are available on demand.
How does it work?
Once you join Miss Dashwood’s Register, you will receive alerts direct from journalists telling you about the projects they are working on and the stories they are looking for. You can then reply directly to journalists pitching yourself or your business for any opportunity that you think is right for you. Please note: we provide specific advice and training on how to reply to a journalist, and what to expect when you do in the expert guidance notes which are sent out as part of your membership package.
Who uses Miss Dashwood's Register?
Journalists from newspapers – both broadsheet and mid-market; broadcasters – radio and television; and researchers from TV shows and multi-media platforms
Who is Miss Dashwood?
Elinor Dashwood, from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, with her wisdom and loyalty, sensible demeanour and considered approach to life is, of course, our inspiration, but the Register is the idea by internationally syndicated, award-winning journalist Victoria Lambert.

Victoria says: ‘‘Living and working in a Hampshire market town – 11 miles from Chawton, where Austen lived – I became aware of many thriving small business and professionals who were interested in raising their profile, but had neither need nor desire to retain professional PR services.  

‘‘At the same time, I knew that many journalists were keen to find case histories which involved exactly this demographic. I wanted to match-make between the two groups, and make it easier for them to find each other.’’

Joining Miss Dashwood’s Register is no guarantee of PR or publicity; it is an introduction service. It provides you with the capacity to hear directly from journalists and pitch yourself forward for opportunities. For more tailored PR programmes please see Extra Extra

From £79.99 per year, we help people like you talk to the media and get publicity for themselves or their business.