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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Miss Dashwood’s Register?

We are a media introduction agency. We connect journalists with professionals, business owners, campaigners, thought leaders and an array of passionate individuals with interesting stories, all wanting to raise their profile by appearing in the media. Note: this is not a story purchasing database. Our members will not charge you for quotes, unless arranged directly. We do not charge to send requests.

Who uses Miss Dashwood's Register?

Journalists from websites and newspapers – both quality and mid-market; broadcasters – radio, online and television; and researchers from TV shows and multi-media platforms

How do I send a story request to your Register?

Fill out the form above with the details of what you are looking for and press Send. It will then be passed to all the members of our Register. Anyone who can help will get back in touch directly with you. 

Who is on the Register?

From entrepreneurs to animal therapists, university lecturers to private gynaecologists, Miss Dashwood’s Register is the hub of choice for professionals who want to raise the profile of their business or themselves.  Our Register also lists bloggers, community leaders, and those with a legitimate cause to promote, or interesting story to offer.

Who is Miss Dashwood?

Elinor Dashwood, from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, with her wisdom and loyalty, sensible demeanour and considered approach to life is, of course, our inspiration, but the Register is the idea of internationally syndicated, award-winning journalist Victoria Lambert.

‘‘Living and working in a Hampshire market town – about 11 miles from Chawton, where Austen lived – I became aware of many thriving small business and professionals who were interested in raising their profile, but had neither need nor desire to retain professional PR services.  

‘‘At the same time, I knew that many journalists were eager for case histories which involved exactly this demographic. I wanted to match-make between the two groups, and make it easier for them to find each other.’’


Joining Miss Dashwood’s Register is no guarantee of PR or publicity; it is an introduction service. It provides clients with the opportunity to hear directly from journalists and pitch themselves forward for opportunities. Likewise, Miss Dashwood can not be held responsible for client’s stories; verification and authentication remain the responsibility of journalists.

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