On a Mission

Free memberships for campaigners and small charities

Every year Miss Dashwood offers up to 50 free memberships for campaigners, micro charities, and individuals devoted to raising awareness of special causes. We all have a voice, and Miss Dashwood is keen to help as many causes as possible take part in national and global conversations.

“It is essential that where possible the media allows all points of view to be heard. Our policy is to encourage and facilitate direct engagement, and to strive for a media that is not the preserve of those who can afford to buy their way in, or whose message may be managed or spun. If we can increase the wealth of honest opinion from a diversity of people living across the UK we will be achieving what we set out to do. Giving back where we can will make Miss Dashwood even more effective as well as fulfil one of our main goals: to help make the media more representative.” Victoria Lambert, CEO, Miss Dashwood


Promote your good cause

Coverage in the local or national press, TV, radio or online can lift your profile, and draw funds and supporters to your cause, as well as improving your SEO ranking.

Connect with journalists

The media is constantly on the look out for stories which will engage the heart and conscience of consumers. Let them spread your message for you.

All the benefits of paid membership

On a Mission clients do not pay subscriptions but have full access to all media opportunities, training tips, newsletters, and exclusive content provided via vlogs.

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