What does music mean to you? It could be something you run to, part of the commute or a vital element of your post-work chill-out time… but what about in the office. Is it a turn-the-radio-on or a turn off to listen to music at work…

Some experts think¬†listening to music can improve efficiency, creativity and happiness in terms of work-related tasks. A study in medical journal JAMA looked at the effects of music on cardiovascular reactivity among surgeons found that when they could select their own choice of tunes, they performed better. (Miss Dashwood once knew a surgeon who liked to perform heart surgery to hard rock…)

But if the music has new lyrics, it’s easy to get distracted, other research warns.¬†

So here are a few of our favourite tunes for work and when they work best for us… add in your suggestions below and we might be able to make a great Miss Dashwood playlist!



Get Lucky – Daft Punk … just a great way to start the day

One Way or Another – Blondie … when you need to get through a tough task

Manic Monday – The Bangles … for Mondays of course!

Life of Riley – The Lightning Seeds … when you need to put a bit of balance back in your life

Little Green Bag – The George Baker Selection … for post-lunch motivation

Wild West Hero – ELO … for when you pull off that particularly hard task