So you’ve decided to grow your business properly this year, but where do you start. Blind optimism, dedicated new business plan or paying out to a specialised client hunter more experienced at finding big game in the savannahs of the online world than yourself?

One of the best approaches can be to ask others who are on the same business journey as you – and where will you find more combined wisdom than the brainpower of TeamDashwood? Here are some tips from our members. Do please add your own in below.  

Get out there and get talking…

Roo Davies, Your Life Journey 

Networking is a great way to create awareness and is pretty much free but you do need to invest time and energy. It’s not just having a chat. Practise talking succinctly about what you offer in an engaging way. Basically, what’s your story and why should people be interested? Do get stuck in and join online forums, social media groups, local networking groups and attend relevant events etc. Also, don’t forget to make sure that your friends and contacts from over the years are updated on what you’re up to. Finally, but very important – ALWAYS carry business cards which contain all your touchpoints including email, phone, website and social media addresses.



Check your email

Louise Humphrey, Studio 44 Pilates

My top tip for finding new clients is grow your email list!  Then people can get to know you, like you and trust you –  before they buy from you.




Speak up!

Linda Duberley, RiverTribe magazine

I find public speaking is the best way of getting to new clients. I do one or two presentations or speeches every week. The last two were the Risk of You Conference in Central London and Richmond Rotary. It always pays to get to a precise audience.  I am fortunate that I now run the Richmond Rugby Business Club – so I am at the heart of the business community on a daily basis. Most networking is all about sellers and not enough about buyers so you have to be able to illustrate clearly what value you can give.



Know your customer

Shaherazad Umbreen, Shoes By Shaherazad

Finding new clients – Know your customer and speak to her and only her (or him!).  Too many businesses try to be everything to everyone and in doing so dilute their message and therefore their ability to attract new clients.  For example, if in my shoe business I tried to appeal to women who aspire to dress in the style of The Kardashians rather than focussing on the day to day business woman than I would attract neither the Kardashian crowd or the business woman.  Know your customer and speak to her!