GDPR – it’s a worry, isn’t it? (Well that’s what we’re hearing/thinking/feeling…). Certainly, Miss Dashwood will be emailing all her members soon to re-establish permission to keep them on the general newsletter list.

We all have to get ourselves ready for compliance with new regulations in May which make storing and processing data more strict. While few of us are relishing the extra work to make this happen, there’s no doubt it’s in the public interest that we should all be a bit more careful about other people’s data. The way Facebook has been found culpable of sharing data with third parties has been fairly alarming.

So how to keep our heads about GDPR (while all around are losing theirs)?

The answer came when making macaroons at the weekend. If you’ve ever tried to make these delicious little French dainties, you’ll know it can be an awful lot of work for something that gets polished off fairly fast. Sure you can do one batch with one colour and one flavour but that won’t please everyone. So, if you are like us, you make lots of varieties: chocolate, salted caramel, vanilla and peach Bellini flavours… It’s messy, fiddly and utterly worth it. Yes – we made these actual maccas in the picture!

Which brings us back to GDPR… if you take it in stages and aim to provide choices, you won’t go far wrong.

And if you are still not sure where to start, here are three ways (which have helped us) to get going.

  1. Keep a timetable of action. If the regulatory body comes knocking on your door, it will be really helpful to show the steps you have taken to get compliant.
  2. Check out a Facebook group. We love Suzanne Dibble’s GDPR for online entrepreneurs group which has a super clear free webinar to get you started.
  3. Get your privacy policies in place on your website – prominent and clear.

We’d love you to add your other tips below.

PS – don’t forget that GDPR rules are a great chance to clear out your own unwanted emails too!