Gina Clarke is a fan of diversifying – she’s a journalist, content writer, and PR, plus she’s developing training programmes for online and social media use. But there’s always time for a box set binge and another cup of coffee, she says…


What inspired you to set up your business?

I’ve been freelancing since I started my journalism degree in 2005 but a redundancy and supportive husband pushed me to go full time in early 2016. Gina Clarke Media provides journalism to national outlets, PR & content for businesses and will shortly be launching a training arm in these subjects.

What makes your you/your business special and where are you based?

My business is special because it’s all about me! As a freelance I get to cover the issues that I want to talk about and work with the companies who I want to work with, sharing their success along the way. I’m home based and have already survived one move from Lincolnshire to Hampshire with no down time for any of my clients – I work from my laptop and I’m fuelled by coffee. A recipe for success.

What’s the best piece of advice you have been given?

Sleep on it. Things always seem better in the morning.

What has been your greatest challenge?

Not to get too invested in my work, which of course never happens. My clients are my friends, their joy is my success and vice versa.

How do you switch off? 

I tend to have a zonk in front of the sofa on an evening or the odd early night, I’m a big fan of Sky box sets like Grey’s Anatomy. Letting my brain calm down for a bit always re-sets the creative vibe which is why I start my working day at 8am when the coffee is flowing!

Where do you go on holiday?

I’m a sun lover so usually Spain or Greece, anywhere that ticks the box for all the family.

What lesson do you wish you had learnt at school?

How to do my finances – self assessment is scary!

What app/website/twitter account (other than your own!) would you recommend?

For a bit of fun you have to follow Antonella the Uncensored Reviewer. She’s from ‘oop North and tells it like it is! @AntonellaUncens

Where do you see yourself/your company in five years’ time?

I’m loving what I do right now but I am aware that journalism is a fickle world and so I’m actually putting my MA degree to good use and teaching where I can, including developing two new courses in digital content creation and social media. So watch this space!