Car boot sales are the perfect place for offloading the old and acquiring the (nearly) new. According to the Financial Times, Brits spend £1.5bn a year at car boot sales. But that doesn’t mean just selling your unwanted books, knick-knacks and clothes to come back with more of the same. They’re also a chance to practise your selling skills, the art of negotiating, the challenge of mental maths and the practise of patience – all part of what we do as small businesses every day…

So what did Miss Dashwood find out when we decluttered the home and office at a Surrey car boot last Sunday?

  1. Little victories add up. Selling something for £50 feels good but every pound or 50p still counts. If you only focus on the highest paying client, you may miss the chance to make healthy returns in lots of other places. Sunday’s result: £205 profit for three hours work.
  2. Every customer counts. Take time to get personal with everyone who approaches your business. They may not be buying today but the feel good buzz you generate attracts others.
  3. Be a straight talker. Never be afraid to honest when it comes to selling.
  4. Don’t make snap judgements. One of the best purchasers of the day wore a pulled down hat and serious dark glasses, and combed intensely through a box of old toys before negotiating a fair price with a brilliant smile.
  5. Relax. It’s easy to get so focused on outcomes you forget the simple joy of just enjoying what you do.

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