‘‘Living and working in a Hampshire market town – 11 miles from Chawton, where Austen lived – I became aware of many thriving small business and professionals who were interested in raising their profile and needed a little support, but had neither need nor desire to retain professional PR services.   ‘‘At the same time, as a working journalist, I knew that many of my peers were eager to find case histories which involved exactly this demographic. I wanted to match-make between the two groups, and make it easier for them to find each other.’’   Victoria Lambert, CEO, Miss Dashwood’s Register


Victoria’s long experience in the media, working for all the leading UK newspapers and many magazines in the past 30 years, gives her the authority  to understand the value of matching stories to journalists. She and her colleagues in the Miss Dashwood team truly know what their peers in the media need and want from a case history. Miss Dashwood’s Register also draws on a human knowledge bank comprising news reporters, magazine writers, broadcasters, and press photographers plus PR directors and strategic change consultants, who will be sharing their knowledge with clients via regular newsletters and vlogs, or who can be booked for bespoke training.

Our mission:

Miss Dashwood’s Register has – at its core – a vision: to make all forms of media more representative. Explains Victoria: “It is essential that the media enables all points of view to be heard. Our policy is to encourage and facilitate direct engagement, and to strive for a media that is not the preserve of those who can afford to buy their way in, or whose message may be managed or spun. If we can increase the wealth of honest opinion from a diversity of people living across the UK appearing in the media, we will be achieving what we set out to do.”

Our work:

Miss Dashwood’s Register is a media introduction agency; we create a connection that enables professional people to present themselves directly to journalists in order to promote their business, their cause or themselves.

Our team:

Our virtual (albeit 18th-century) Chair is Elinor Dashwood, from Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, with her wisdom and loyalty, sensible demeanour and considered approach to life, but the Register’s very 21st-century CEO is the internationally syndicated, award-winning journalist Victoria Lambert.